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2018 has been declared “Year of the Travel Agent” as the importance of travel agents and the valuable services they provide to both leisure and corporate clients is rapidly expanding worldwide.

The Twelve Tenets of Being a Travel Agent

Travel Agents…

  1. Help you before, during and after the journey.
  2. Are travel experts.
  3. Provide peace of mind wherever you travel.
  4. Have access to exclusive benefits.
  5. Design personalized experiences for each unique traveler.
  6. Cut through the clutter of the internet.
  7. Read the fine print.
  8. Study hard to become specialists.
  9. Make your dollars travel further.
  10. Are real people, accessible in real life.
  11. Globally connected.
  12. Passionate travelers, first and foremost.

Join Our Thunderclap Campaign!

We want to celebrate travel agents with a campaign heard ‘round the web. Join the Thunderclap to support the #YearoftheTravelAgent in social media.


Find a Travel Agent

There are thousands of travel agent professionals available to help you plan your next vacation or dream adventure. Please find an agent at any one of these travel agency companies:

A full-service luxury travel agency offering everything from commercial air to private jets, custom tours, villa rentals and private yachts.

A nationally-recognized leader in the premium and luxury segments of the travel industry.

A luxury travel specialist that creates amazing worldwide luxury tours filled with intellectual adventures and rich in unusual experiences.

One of the largest sellers of luxury travel, cruises, river cruises and tours in the travel agency industry.

Providing clients with the highest quality, most personalized travel experience integrated with today’s technology.

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